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Wed, April 20, 2016




This 1-day seminar with Richard Hartley focuses on the issues PCB designers and Engineers need to know to prevent noise and EMI issues in high speed digital and mixed signal designs.

Knowing how to design circuits and PCBs to contain energy and knowing how to mitigate and control the effects of high speed devices are the keys to successful design of low noise circuits. When time-varying (AC) signals travel in the transmission lines of a PCB, state changing electric and magnetic fields are present. When NOT contained, these fields are the energy source of Noise and EMI issues.

What we call ‘noise’ is ‘intentional energy’ which we fail to control and/or contain. Unharnessed energy will generate many forms of interference. What this statement fails to say is ‘why’ this happens… why are some circuits noisy, while others are not?

This seminar will look at the ‘why’ to ensure tha your future PCBs are without noise and EMI issues. All previous participants have gotten improved PCB designs as a result of this seminar.

Price: 470€


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