Assembly Technology Expo


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Wed, June 21 - Sat, June 24, 2017


Bangkok International Trade And Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand




Assembly Technology Expo is a annual event, dedicated to electronic and automated assembly, assembly machines, equipment, component and other related systems and services. This event will covers all the aspects related to assembly and technology industry, also providing all related products and services at a single place. It is a perfect meeting place for to explore the business with latest trends.

Exhibitor Profile


Pneumatic Equipment • Cylinders, Pressure control valves • Flow control valves • Direction control valves • Safety valves, Relief valves, Decompressing valves • Filters, Lubricators, Air driers, Compressors • Motors, Actuators, Vacuum equipment • Applied equipment • Other pneumatic related equipment and systems (Seals, Packing, Hoses, Tubes, Joints) • Oil Hydraulic Equipment • Gear pumps, Vane pumps, Piston pumps, Other pumps • Gear motors, Vane motors, Piston motors, Other motors • ST, Hydraulic cylinders, HST actuators, Hydraulic control valves • Reducers, Shock absorbers, Hydraulic jacks • Other hydraulic related equipment and systems (Seals, Packing, Hoses, Tubes, Joints) • Water Hydraulic Equipment • Turbo pumps, Filters • Motors, Heat exchangers • Cylinders, Power units • Pressure control valves, Fittings • Flow control valves, Hoses • Directional valves, Seals/Packing • Servo valves, Piping and tubing 

Power transmission:

Motors and drives Gear • Bearings • Belt • System & Control • Motion analysis • Sensors & transducers • Software development • Transformer 

Quality & Control:

Quality software • Coordinate and dimensional measuring equipment • Calibration equipment, software & services • Automatic gagging equipment • Data collection/ acquisition equipment • Electrical test and measurement equipment • Electronics test and inspection equipment • Optical / laser inspection equipment • Materials test equipment including NDT equipment • Environment test equipments • Color and finish measurement equipment • Functional & operations test equipment Test & inspection equipment Gauges • Calibration laboratory • Certification Services • Consultancy, Training

Assembly & Materials Handling:

Conveyors & automated handling system • Materials/ parts handling equipment • Assembly hardware & components • Assembly machines & systems • Parts feeders • Power tools, hand tools and accessories • Fasteners • Adhesives, tapes, films, sealants, & dispensing equipment • Barcode systems, Auto ID equipment • Workstations, benches, seating, lighting, magnifiers& accessories • Pick and place machines • Production equipment, presses, forming, threading • Safety equipment • Logistic Software • Warehouse Systems


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