BGA X-Ray & Optical Inspection Criteria Webinar 14.30GMT


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Mon, April 04, 2011




Area Array Technology is part of mainstream electronics but until recently very little inspection criteria were available in the industry. The assembly process for BGAs is fairly well understood for tin/lead alloys but with the move to lead-free assembly, new QFN and LGA packages there are critical issues to consider during inspection. The workshop covers optical and x-ray inspection of solder joints for both tin/lead and lead-free terminations. It includes an introduction to the lead-free assembly process with specific attention to BGA and area array devices.

It provided a step by step guide to the procedure of inspection for optical and x-ray showing you how to do it. Inspection criteria are included for x-ray and visual criteria on different lead-free terminations and pad surfaces.

Presented by Bob Willis

Topics covered: Lead-free Alloys - BGA – Area Array – Land Grid Array Reflow Inspection Techniques Inspection Procedures - Optical Inspection - X-Ray Inspection Industry Inspection Criteria Common process problems Defect Guide


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