Counterfeit Component Inspection Methods Webinar 14.30GMT


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Mon, November 07, 2011




Quality, purchasing, design and production engineers need to review the growing commercial and technical issues surrounding counterfeit electronic components. They can look right, solder to the PCB but just fail to function. A typical first assumption by test engineering, it’s a component failed due to the assembly process, but its what’s inside the package that counts, sometimes its nothing at all.

Rather than making complicated copies of parts the simplest thing is to remark the packaging or the component body. Remarking the packaging is simple and quick, provided the component identification is not checked all the parts would be placed and soldered to the board before the problem was identified. AOI should find incorrectly marked or variations on the parts but the level of sophistication in marking is now becoming very sophisticated.

The session will not only illustrate the problems raised by counterfeit components within the electronics industry but it will also show you some of the different test methods that can be used to confirm the integrity of the components. Failure analysis techniques are now frequently being used to see if components are what they say they are rather than finding failure modes.

Presented by Bob Willis

Topics covered:

  • Component trends in industry
  • Counterfeit avoidance strategy
  • Component identification checksheet
  • Practical methods of spotting Counterfiet Components and how to do it
  • Impact of lead-free on component availability
  • Practical examples of counterfeit components found
  • Using free online Defect Database


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