Low & High Temperature Intrusive Reflow - Getting the Best Yields


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Wed, July 15, 2015


Having produced the first book, video and interactive CD-ROM on pin in hole intrusive reflow we believe we are in a good position to help engineers achieve better yields and implement high and low temperature processes. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is part of mainstream electronic assembly with virtually all market sectors benefiting from the use of SMT. One problem that has always proved an issue to design and process engineers is the use of existing through hole components where no direct equivalent SMT parts are available. Hence the interest in Pin in paste, intrusive reflow or multi spot soldering, regardless of the name it’s a perfect option to eliminate the wave and selective soldering with minimal cost

Selective soldering can provide excellent results but requires capital equipment investment. This method of soldering all surface mount and through hole components in a single operation is Pin-In-Hole-Reflow which simplifies the manufacturing process

Topics include:
PCB Design and Component Requirements
Stencil Aperture Calculations
Stencil Design Rules Placement
Options Manual and Automatic
Reflow Soldering with Convection, Vapour Phase & laser
Inspection Requirements
Practical Implication issues
Process Defects
Reliability of through hole joints

After each webinar there is a Q&A session which provides ample time for all delegate questions to be answered. However if a delegate has a process example they would like cover in the webinar it will need to be provided in advance of the session. A copy of the slides presented on the webinar are sent to delegates after the session



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