Rework Stencil Printing Webinar- Metal vs. Plastic Film Stencils


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Wed, March 30, 2016


Our first webinar is fully booked, so we're adding another one!

Please join us for a FREE 40-minute webinar, held over the lunchtime hour, on stencil printing for rework. The presenter will compare the methods and results for mini metal stencils versus flexible film stencils with adhesive backing.

The consistent printing of solder paste in a rework project is key to a high yield. This is especially true when the pitches are small (0.50mm or less) or the density of leads and neighboring devices are high. In this webinar, the types of methods for the printing of solder paste in rework will be reviewed. The results of a recent study comparing the stainless steel metal stencils to their flexible film counterparts will be revealed.

At the end of the prepared webinar, there will be an open Q/A session. Participants will get a copy of the PowerPoint slides.


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