Electronics Goes Green 2016+




Wed, September 07 - Fri, September 09, 2016


Dahlem Cube Seminaris Hotel, Berlin, Germany


The upcoming Electronics Goes Green conference 2016 is an outstanding event for the growing global community of scientists, product developers, and business managers working on the task of improving the environmental properties of technologies and products along the value chain of the electronics and ICT industry. Over the past years the scientific topics and industrial implementation tasks have evolved with the same dynamics as the technology itself. Advanced assembly strategies of electronics for example have increased reliability and realized environmental improvement potentials on a large scale. The recent developments in energy efficiency of power electronic devices and modules are a perfect example.

At the same time, the technological progress creates new challenges. Product types and manufacturing volumes are increasing, many products tend to get obsolete faster, the material composition of devices become more exotic, and the complexity of the manufacturing processes is practically visible in the skyrocketing costs of new labs and fabs. I would like to invite you to a scientific conference that explores the currently changing facets of today’s and future green electronics. Fraunhofer IZM is very proud to be a stakeholder in this field and has been the organization behind the conference from the beginning.

The same way electronics persistently meanders between highest visibility and invisible functionality in all areas of our life, the same way we are tasked to follow and anticipate the visible and invisible ecological, economic and social implications of this growing diversity. Please open your mind to these new shades of green electronics and share your thoughts and findings at the conference.



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