Consider the options-How should I mask for Conformal Coating?


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Wed, June 20, 2018


Presented by: Bob Wetterman, MIT BEST Inc.

There are numerous masking options available when conformal coating a PCB. The question is: which one should I chose? The answer lies in optimizing a variety of variables including the time it takes, the economics of the build, the material compatibility and the process of coating being employed.

There are several masking options available to process engineers and technicians when it comes to masking of the PCB prior to conformal coating:

  • Silicone rubber boots
  • 3D printed boots
  • Masking tape
  • Custom tape dots
  • Custom cut tape shapes
  • Peelable mask

In addition to comparing and contrasting these various options this “lunch and learn” webinar will address the various considerations a process engineer or technician would have to make when it comes to choosing the best conformal coating masking alternative. One of the considerations is the amount of labor content in the masking technique. The labor content will drive the lead time and cost included to mask and damask the conformal coating keep out areas. Another consideration is material compatibility. Does natural silicone have any impact on the laminate being used? Is the viscosity of the conformal coating material as it is applied allow it to leach underneath the mask? Does the adhesive on the tape leave behind a residue that will be harmful to the long term reliability of the assembly? Another issue is one of process compatibility. Certain masking techniques work with certain conformal coat application methods and others do not. These and other questions will be considered in this lunch time session.

This FREE 60-minute webinar reviews the reasons for masking, the types of masking methods, the “gotchas” in masking for conformal coating and the compatibility with different application methods.

The webinar will be sprinkled with practical application tips to help guide you towards the right masking process for a variety of conformal coating work ahead of you.


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