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PCB Assembly Engineer

Date Posted:

July 4, 2019

Job Category:

Engineering Production


Shenzhen, China

Job Description:

Job requirements & responsibilities:

1. High school education or above
2. Above 5 years of relevant work experience in the PCB assembly industry
3. Familiar with electronic component testing, component identification and judgment and working principle, familiar with the circuit and drawing analysis, and have on-site analysis and improvement capabilities.
4. Independently produce process documents (work and inspection instructions), can independently solve production related issues.
5. Proficient in familiar with the production process standards of PCB assembly such as SMT, DIP, testing, assembly, and repair, understand the operation process of each process and the quality inspection standards.
6. Good communication and coordination skills, good teamwork spirit, quality awareness, safety awareness, and cost awareness, careful thinking and rigorous work;
7. Familiar with CAM software, good at analyzing the causes of defective products.
8. Able to understand English documents.
9. Be honest and upright, work conscientiously and hard, be able to adapt to business trips, and obey arrangements.

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