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smt technical support specialist

Date Posted:

June 21, 2007

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance Production Technical Support


Cabuyao,, Philippines

Willing to Relocate?:

Yes (Yes i'm willing to relocate in any field of job.)

Summary of Qualifications:

�X 10 years experience in SMT field of manufacturing company,knowledge in GC-Powerplace software.
�X Knowledge in programming and operating Modular/Turret Machine in Surface Mount Technology and Flipchip technology.
�X Expertise in the field of SMT manufacturing and Computer Parts Assy.
�X Can interpret Block Diagram and Schematic Diagram.
�X Having background in windows application.
�X Can handled and operate fixture, jigs and equipment machine.
�X Willing to render overtime and straight duties.
�X Repairs major equipment breakdown/malfunction.
�X Implements routine equipment preventive maintenance programs in accordance w/ the define procedures.
�X Maintains records of equipment preventive maintenance schedule, downtime, calibration and history file.
�X Monitors and checks equipment spares level inventories to ensure sufficient stock of critical and consumable equipment spares, and ensure zero stock-out.
�X Recommends modification of production equipment to improve product quality and productivity.
�X Provides training for other technicians and operators on the proper operation, maintenance and calibration of line equipment.
�X Installation,buy-off and leveling and setup SMT machine relocation.
�X Optimization, programming and debugging programmed in SMT machine for new product launched.

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