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SMT Consultant, Process Development

Date Posted:

March 28, 2009

Job Category:

Engineering Research and Development


Boise, Idaho, USA

Willing to Relocate?:


Summary of Qualifications:

Sr. Microelectronics Development Engineer
Over 20 years experience in SMT Process Development for large Contract Manufacturer.
Specialist in Stencil Printing, Component Placement, Dispense, Reflow, Rework, RoHS Processes, Material and Equipment Qualification, BGA, Flip Chip, Chip Scale Packaging.
Can train technical staff, solve process problems, audit SMT processes, Statistical Process Controls, Failure Analysis, reporting.

I am available for 1-2 weeks within the April-July timeframe. My employer has approved my consultant work.

I prefer working in California, or the Minneapolis area.

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