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October 21, 2009

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Wroclaw, Poland

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Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) IPC-A-610D
Honeywell SPOC online training
Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing Training Certificate
FUJI CP-6 and NXT training: Operating, Maintenance, Programming
I can program SMT Fuji machines using Flexa software, maintain and operate CP-6, GL-5, QP-242 and NXT machines
I can program DEK screen printers, maintain and operate 265GS, 260 and Horizon 01i machines.
I can optimize Set-up Times, Process flow and maintenance schedule according to technical and operational targets.
I am very familiar with office software such as MsOffice, Corel, Catia
I can install and set-up Avaya telecommunication equipment (CP and MM family)
I can perform quality inspection at supplier/manufacture site, using technical documentation, blueprints and variety of inspection tools including visual detection, inspection equipment or measuring devices.
I am familiar with ISO/TS16949, AS9000, IPC-A-610D

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