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SMT Section Head

Date Posted:

May 15, 2013

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance Production


Obour, Egypt

Willing to Relocate?:


Summary of Qualifications:

                         Ten years of experience in electronics assembly  work for Toshiba Egypt and Iskraemeco Egypt

• Researched, analyzed and selected production equipment.

• Work within team to startup Iskraemeco’s new factory in Egypt.

• Leadership and support in problem-solving activities in production area.

• Responsible for all job functions in the production department, tooling and process


• monitor process edit reports to ensure that system settings and

Controls are properly aligned with business objectives and system requirements.

• Provide guidance to operations team in the process of developing and monitoring

Project timelines for new product launches.

• Upgrade the production quantities, upgrade the production lines.

• Driving the production team and analyzing performance.

• Analyze yield of SMT processes to ensure process capabilities and throughput.

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