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smt technicina

Date Posted:

September 3, 2013

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance


chennai, India

Willing to Relocate?:

Yes (for getting good company)

Summary of Qualifications:

Nokia India Pvt LTD.       Sriperumpudur – Board Assembler Maintenance Technician  from Sep 2009 to till now.

Machines Handled

 Pick & Place     : FUJI NXT Machines  FUJI NXT - M3 II ,M3S.  Reflow oven: Hot flow 3/20, 2/14.

 Stencil Printing : DEK ( Automatic stencil Printer)

 AOI     : Agilent Technologies  SJ50 & SJ5000 series

 V-manage Trace Handling   

NATURE OF JOB PROFILE:  Over all SMT production and process control  Proper product change over handling with min down time.  Material handling with respect to production planning.  PDA handling and MRS maintaining using V-manage Trace.  Responsible for reducing down time by good preventive and break down maintenance.  Daily Defect analysis report and Reducing MFR .  Proper House keeping (5s) and involvement in improvement activities  Troubleshooting and Programming of all the above machines  Creating NPI Programs of the New products running and solving issues until the product getting stable .  Optimizing the programs for max production achieving  Preventive maintains for daily, monthly and Quarter based  Analyzing and provide the corrective solutions for repeated issues.  Improving manufacturing capabilities and improving tooling, meeting production schedules and other considerations to facilitate production processes.  Achieving smooth Process Flow, Cycle Time reduction to acquire maximum utilization rate  Any other duties as assigned by the Unit Head, Managers and by management

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