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Service Engineer and Process Engineer

Date Posted:

February 12, 2015

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance Production Research and Development Technical Support


Chennai, India

Willing to Relocate?:

Yes (Capable to work any place and work atmosphere, overseas maintains support and production last 3 years)

Summary of Qualifications:

Over 5.5 years exp in Customer service on SMT

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Identify, improve, recommend, and implement measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, process capability, and product quality.
  • Streamline manufacturing processes, procedures, work instructions to improve first pass yield, eliminate rework and scrap, standardize and reduce SMT setup and changeover times, reduce waste, monitor SMT process and establish robust, repeatable, and reproducible process parameters and process controls.
  • Perform root cause analysis on both process and equipment of day-to-day issues associated with the manufacturing process.
  • Analyze SMT printing defects such as solder bridging, insufficient solder, excess solder, solder spikes, solder dog-ears and tombstone to determine likely failure modes.
  • Involved in maintaining the process capability activities such as Cp & CpK for the machines.
  • Involved in process control, analyzing and optimization of the solder paste printing level to achieve quality printing process.
  • Develop and perform designed experiments (DOE), perform root cause analysis, process capability studies, and implement process controls.
  • Achieving zero machine downtime and involving in the machine breakdowns and preventive maintenance in the customer sites.


  • Perform solder paste evaluation like viscosity test, slump test, tackiness test, self-align test & X-ray inspection for void and abnormality.
  • Eliminate the process defects like solder bridging by analyzed on stencil which made to reduce the stencil apertures.
  • Involves in computing the quality achievements at each step in the process, from screen printing to reflow solder.

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