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Designer & Manufacturer of Acoustic Microscopes for Nondestructive Component Inspection. »»

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Sonoscan DF2400 Automated CSAM

FACTS²™ DF2400™ C‑SAM® Automated In-line Inspection Tool for Defect-Free Production Without Sacrificing Throughput The FACTS²™ delivers state-of-the-art, automated in-line in...

Sonoscan DF2400 Automated CSAM


C-SAM D-9000

Failure Analysis and general laboratory investigations of electronic components and devices, plus material analysis. Ideally suited for high precision scanning of high density devices. ...

C-SAM  D-9000

C-SAM D-24

Similar to D-9000, featuring a larger scanning area (24" x 24"). Ideally suited for large printed circuit boards and multiple tray analyses....

C-SAM D-24


Ideally suited for repetitive screening of components in JEDEC trays. Inspection of large quantities and high throughput....


Large PCB Dispensing System

Micro Mod Auction by the Branford Group