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Global Communications

One of the largest suppliers of printed circuit boards (both rigid and flex) in the U.S.A. represent »»

Headquarters: Dana Point, California, USA


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Printed Circuit Boards (rigid and flex)

Single, double sided and multi-layer boards, up to 30 layers, in all types of base materials, including the ones that are hard to find....

Contract Assembly Manufacturing

Your one-stop, turn-key contract assembly manufacturing, under one roof, with machinery to produce and build all bare boards and manufacture them to your specifications, located in Orange County, southern California....

Complete public relations and advertising services, including a graphic design department.

Our in-house facilities can create and design new catalogues, brochures, world wide web sites, magazine advertising, editorials including feature articles, case studies, product releases and other marketing functions....

Flux-Free Reflow Soldering

ICT Total SMT line Provider