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Molex is a global leader in interconnect solutions, as well as custom user-interfaces, membrane switches and flex circuits. »»

Headquarters: Lisle, Illinois, USA

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Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies

Ideal for hand-held to large storage devices, Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies combine the benefits of flexible copper circuitry and rigid PCB circuitry into a unitized power and signal solution for superior reliability, system cost savings and optimized packaging ...

Rigid Flex Circuits and Assemblies

Assembly Services

Membrane Switches

Molex's membrane switches provide durable, lightweight and low-profile options for integrating user interfaces and electronic components into a variety of applications including medical, industrial and commercial products. Molex standard membrane switches are th...

Membrane Switches


Premo-Flex™ FFC and Etched Polyimide Jumpers

Premo-Flex™ FFC and etched polyimide jumpers, available in a variety of pitches, cable lengths and thicknesses, plus high-temperature ratings up to +105°C, deliver durable, ultra flexible, competitively priced solutions for PCB connections in virtually any industry

Premo-Flex™ FFC and Etched Polyimide Jumpers


Micro Mod Auction by the Branford Group

Reflow Oven