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Broadline Supplier Of Surface Mount/Leaded Capacitors, Resistors, Magnetics, MLVs And Diodes »»

Headquarters: Melville, New York, USA


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General Purpose (SMT and Leaded Styles): Aluminum Electrolytic, Tantalum Electrolytic, Ceramic (discrete and arrays) and Film...


General Purpose (SMT and Leaded Styles): Thick Film Chips and Arrays (SMT), NTC Chip Thermistors (SMT), Carbon Film (LD), Metal Film (LD), Metal Oxide Film (LD) and SIP Networks (LD)...


General Purpose (SMT): Chip Inductors and Ferrite Chip Beads ...

Diodes and TVS

General Purpose (SMT): Silicon and Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diodes; MLV Transient Voltage Suppressors ...

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MSD Dry Cabinets

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