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Silicone Solutions is a consulting and custom manufacturing firm focusing on silicone product technology. »»

Headquarters: Twinsburg, Ohio, USA


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Thermally conductive silicone adhesive sealant. 1-Part RTV, neutral cure, fast cure, fast on-set of adhesion for PC board & component heat sink, part fixturing, vibration & moisture insulation, as well as the adhesive sealing of components. ...


A self-priming, encapsulant silicone RTV. A convenient 1:1 mix ration 2-part RTV which features: neutral cure, fast R.T. deep section cure, adhesion to plastics for primerless adhesive encapsulation. ...


A tough, 60 duro Shore 00 transparent gel silicone RTV product. A easy 1:1 mix can be heat or R.T. cured in minutes for dust, shock, moisture, vibration and heat insulation....


A soft, 60 penetration gel transparent gel silicone product. This product featues an convenient 1:1 mix with an excellent open time for dust, shock, moisture, vibration and heat insulation of components....

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