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Besides our standard line of UV-electronics such as UV-lamps, UV-monitors, UV-sensors, radiometers, photometers, spectrometer we develop and produce individual solutions to customer's requirements. We offer extensive services including calibration. »»

Headquarters: Ettlingen, Germany

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UV-Tracker RM-41

The instrument can be applied for control of the radiation profile in UV-dryer channels. The integrated sensor is available for different spectral ranges (UVA, UVB, UVC). Due to the flat housing the measuring device can be directly applied in the dryer channel. Data record is automatically started w...

UV-Tracker RM-41

UV-light source for spot curing within seconds UVLQ-400

Flexible light guides permit strongly localised irradiation. Quick curing of selective sticking and controlling of polymerisation processes is possible using such UV-plants. Different versions of our UV-light-source for high intensive UV irradiation are available and the light source can be adapted...

UV-light source for spot curing within seconds UVLQ-400

Diode Array Spectrometer

The instrument can be applied for many optical tasks: Besides the recording of spectra, transmission measurements, integration of different spectral ranges, photo-biological weightings, colour measurements, calculation of colour temperature and colour co-ordinates are possible. Our system is ba...

Diode Array Spectrometer

SMT feeders

Inline Cleaning Machine Hydro-clean Array