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Pioneer of numerous productivity enhancing tools designed to optimize SMT electronic equipment and processes. Innovator of the award-winning Grid-Lok, Magna-Print and Stinger technologies. »»

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Q-Lok PCB Clamping System

The device eliminates the conventional vacuum chamber board fixture that is common on most MPM printers and is retrofitted in approximately one hour. Q-Lok provides secure, "over the top" type PCB clamping as well as a tool-less, hands-off product changeover in respect to ...

Magna-Print SMT Squeegee Holder System

The Magna-Print system consists of a patent-pending universal fit squeegee holder, infinitely adjustable paste deflectors and corresponding blades to accommodate any PCB size. The quick-change blade holder is equipped with an arrangement of magnets and other features that assist in the firm holding ...

Magna-Print SMT Squeegee Holder System

Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support

Premium Automatic PCB Support for SMT Processes Ovation’s award-winning Grid-Lok Gold™ automatic substrate support technology provides electronics manufacturers with a robust alternative to costly and often problematic dedicated fixture plates. Set-up is remarkably fas...

Grid-Lok Gold™ - Fully Automatic Pnuematic PCB Support

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