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SigmaPrint are the authorized spares and service provider for the Speedline SMTech range of PCB screen printing machines. We have over 400,000 USD of SMTech spare parts available along with full access to all SMTech documentation. All staff are ex-SMTech service and design personnel. Only SigmaPrint can supply all Speedline SMTech parts to the original manufacturers specification. »»

Headquarters: Dorset, United Kingdom

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, OEM Screen Printing

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Micro-Snugger Tooling

The MicroSnugger� (PAT APP FOR) board handling system from SigmaPrint Technologies can be fitted to all MicroFlex and SMTech UP100 surface mount screen-printing machines. The system can be used to clamp boards from 0.8mm thick upwards. This system substantially reduces costs by eliminating the need...


MicroFlex Semi-Automatic Screen Printer...

Printer spares

New and genuine Speedline SMTech spare parts and consumables including squeegees, foil clamps and screen frame adaptors...

CustomFoil & FineFoil

Do you have issues with the height of your paste deposit when printing close to your clamp foils? Let SigmaPrint take you to the EDGE of your printing boundaries! The CustomFoil � (PAT APP FOR) board clamp replacement system from SigmaPrint Technologies can be fitted to all surface mount screen pri...

CustomFoil & FineFoil

ROHS Green Squeegees

With the July2006 ROHS deadline approaching SigmaPrint Technologies are now able to supply colour coded �green� Squeegee assemblies. Colour coded squeegees are of great help to customers who are exempt from the directive, helping to ensure that the cross contamination of tin-lead into lead-free sol...

ROHS Green Squeegees

Non-heated dispensing system

Voidless Reflow Soldering