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Lloyd Doyle designs, manufactures and markets sophisticated automatic optical test (AOT) systems used in the bare board sector of the printed circuit board manufacturing industry. »»

Headquarters: Surrey, England, United Kingdom

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Faulty panels will need repairing; this can be done either on-line using a CCTV system or off-line using SABRE, cutlass or SCIMITAR. The on-line facility gives less panel handling whilst the off-line options allow maximum throughput. For more information please visit our website


Fluorescent based systems

The phasor range of machines uses a different illumination and imaging technique and is designed for use with low contrast materials such as RTF, DSTF or double treated copper foils. phasor systems use the florescent properties of the pcb laminate to gain the working image for fault detection, bu...

Fluorescent based systems

Reflective light machines

The EXCALIBUR range of machines use reflective light based systems. A high power Xenon lamp is used in conjunction with high frequency ccd camera circuitry to gain a working image from the pcb. Sophisticated image processing including dual image processing and multi level greyscale processing yie...

Reflective light machines

Software for SMT

fluid dispensing pumps for integration