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Japan UNIX Desktop Soldering Systems

Select from Three Standard Types to Suit Work Size and Work Environment: UNIX-412R, UNIX-413R, UNIX-414R Built-in soldering robot program Available in 3 sizes 255 program on board memory 30,000 point on board storage capacity Automatic...

Japan UNIX Desktop Soldering Systems

Soldering Robots

Machvision 3D Profiler

The 3D Profiler is an automatic machine to measure the dent of the copper filled vias. The system offers the opportunity for 100% inspection to ensure the yield of the copper filling with inspection speeds of 5 minutes per panel and +/- 2 micron accuracy. Automatic measurement of c...

Machvision 3D Profiler


Genitec GAM 60 Solder Paste Mixer

Mixes and softens solder paste in original containers. Improves printing consistency, print quality, and saves time! Reduces oxidation and prevents the potential introduction of foreign matter and water vapor into the paste. Equipped with easy to load hold...

Genitec GAM 60 Solder Paste Mixer

Solder Paste Mixers

SMT Spare Parts and Feeders

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