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Headquarters: Maynard, Massachusetts, USA

Design, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Service Provider Turnkey

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Cockpit Audio / Video Communications

Orchid Technologies was selected to develop a multi-channel data logging cockpit communications system. Supporting up to four microphones, two NTSC video channels, a variety of general purpose I/O with daylight visible LED enunciators was essential. Ruggedized circuit board design techniques were em...

Obsolete Product Redesign

Orchid Technologies was selected to update the electronics design of the Precision LCR Instrument. Visit our website at www.orchid-tech.com to review our designs....

CAN-Bus Steering Angle Sensor

This microprocessor based steering angle sensor provides real-time steering angle data over the CAN-Bus. Automotive electronics present demanding requirements to the electronic product designer. High volume, low cost and highly rugged, feature packed designs are necessary to win. This automotive ste...

AdvancedTCA Carrier Blade

AdvancedTCA Carrier Blade electronics design demands the most from any engineering team. Visit www.orchid-tech.com to view our AdvancedTCA Carrier blade design. ...

Dual Altera Cyclone FPGA Devices

Orchid Technologies' latest circuit board design features dual Altera Cyclone devices. Dual Cyclone devices perform high speed video image management, video enhancement and video capture services. Visit www.orchid-tech.com to view designs. ...

Medical Electronic Product Design

Medical electronic product design can take many forms. The medical electronic product shown below assists patients in the seemingly simple act of coughing. Simply coughing can be most difficult for people with certain illnesses. Orchid begins by embracing both the unique technical and human-factor d...

Medical Electronic Product Design

Elevator Controller Redesign

First Floor — The Challenge The design of Elevator Control Systems presents a unique mix of sophisticated computer control needs blended with industrial strength power switching requirements. Primary control signaling and contactor switching are performed using isolated 120VAC and 240VAC circuits...

Elevator Controller Redesign

fluid dispensing pumps for integration

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