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ISO-9001 certified electronic contract manufacturer with 25 years of proven performance. PCB (SMT, TH, RoHS, Conformal Coating), Cable, Systems, Depot Repair, Design Assistance. »»

Headquarters: Melbourne, Florida, USA

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Cable assembly

Atomated, semi-automated, and manual assembly Ribbon cable, coax, wire harnesses, and electro-mechanical assemblies. Distribution:  Let us ship directly to your customer!  This saves you cost and lead time. Depot Repair:  By ...


PCB Assembly

Multiiple assembly lines and highly trained staff support IPC level 1, 2, and 3 assembly of both surface mount and through-hole technology products. PCB assembly we offer: Surface mount, including BGAs and micro-BGAs Through-hole

PCB Assembly

Assembly Services

Selective Conformal Coating System

IPC Training & Certification - Blackfox