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Datest: 30 years of testing and test engineering utilizing in-circuit, flying probe, boundary scan, and functional platforms. Also AXI/2D/3D x-ray, CT-scan failure analysis, and bonepile rehab of functional/field failures. »»

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Dispute Resolution

Are you an OEM locked in a quality-related dispute with your CM?  Or are you a CM trying to resolve quality-related disputes with your OEM? Welcome to Switzerland!  Come to Datest.  We offer powerful x-ray tools in a neutral setting for the resolution of solder proces...


Analytical Services

New in 2015!  Datest now offers the following services: Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (C-SAM) Analysis X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Analysis Energy Dispersiv...

Test Equipment

PCB Reverse Engineering Service

Datest can rebuild CAD files and board data from printed circuit boards (PCBs) and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). Reverse engineering is ideal for producing PCB/PCBAs without CAD files or other board data. It also is useful for updating/modifying obsolete boards, redesigning and ant...

Design Services

Test statistics, failure and trend reporting

Datest supplies serialized pass/fail test data, as well as detailed failure disposition reports. ...

Test Equipment

BGA removal, replacement and reballing

Datest features the DEN-ON RD500 Series 3 BGA Rework System. ...

Rework & Repair Equipment

Troubleshooting and rework of failed PCBAs

We are experts at troubleshooting! Test pricing includes troubleshooting, rework and re-test. ...

Test Equipment

PCBA "Bonepile" Rehabilitation Service

Our engineers use test engineering hardware and software resources to map out a plan to bring boards "back to life". Skilled technicians troubleshoot, rework and restore assemblies to operational status that previously failed a customer's functional or system test. Ideal for reve...

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Installation & Verification

We can either deliver completed fixtures and programs to the customer's designated manufacturing site, or keep them at Datest to test future production.  We have no preference:  We do whatever the customer prefers. ...

Test Equipment

Fixture Design & Manufacturing

We design ICT fixtures for 5 different platforms as well as functional test fixtures. ...

Test Equipment

Goepel Boundary Scan Development & Test

Integrated Flying Probe Configuration: Goepel CASCON GALAXY integrated with SPEA 4060 ICT configuration:  Keysight (Agilent) x1149 Benchtop Configuration: Goepel CASCON GALAXY Asset SCANWORKS ...

Test Equipment

Dye & Pry and Cross-Sectioning

New for 2015! We now offer destructive testing of PCBAs.  Services include Dye & Pry and X-Sectioning. ...


Small Scale Box Build Manufacturing

For customers who appreciate the convenience of testing and assembly under one roof, Datest offers small-quantity box build assembly after PCBA level test or functional test. ...

Assembly Services

Counterfeit Component Detection

Methods in accordance with PRO-STD-001, SAE AS 5553, and SAE AS 6081.  Process follows ISO/DIS 12931. Datest tools and training are used to detect packaging damage; ESD compliance violations; falsified or altered documentation; tampered part markings; blacktopping; impermanent ...


Test Program Strategy Development

We help customers develop a front-to-back test strategy, from inception through NPI builds through Alpha and Beta builds to full production.  We work with startups as well as established companies looking to change their testing philosophy.  In all cases we give the customer an hones...

Test Equipment

5DX Automated X-Ray Inspection

The Agilent Medalist 5DX Series 5000 offers 3-D Automatic X-Ray inspection capability, enabling inspection of both sides of a double-sided panel in one pass.  Customer CAD is converted to an inspection program, enabling 100% solder joint inspection to IPC-A-610 standards.  Ideal for ...


Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) analysis

Used to inspection materials which do not admit x-ray penetration (e.g. ceramics).  Also used in device-level inspection for defects and counterfeit detection. ...


Data Translation

CAD to IPC2511 GenCAM, FATF Gerber to GenCAM, FATF - We accept gerber files, man-readable ascii CAD as well as ODB++ files ...

Test Equipment

Process management consulting and dispute resolution

We offer Third Party refereeing of disputes using the full suite of testing and inspection tools at our disposal.  Consider us Switzerland:  We provide unbiased opinions of process samples.  We call 'em the way we see 'em, and we offer suggestions for improvemen...


Design for Testability (DFT)

Engineering analysis of customer CAD data for ease of testability and mechanical access.  Analysis by Siemens PLX Testexpert software.  We offer this service free of charge to our regular customer and will provide test access reports iteratively to design service bureaus until they h...

Test Equipment

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

Valor DFM analysis of customer board design data for ease of manufacturability.  Give us a bill of materials and an ODB++ file and we will return a color-coded report identifying problematic placements by degred of criticality. ...

Assembly Services

In-Circuit Test (ICT)

Agilent 3070; Genrad 2287; Teradyne Z1820; Teradyne Z1890; Teradyne Spectrum 88XX - Our original business and still our core business.  We can design and deliver finished fixtures and programs to any manufacturing site in the world, or keep them at our facility to support futur...

Test Equipment

Flying Probe Test

SPEA 4060 with integrated Goepel CASCON JTAG/Boundary Scan; SPEA 4040 - We are the West Coast Demonstration Facility for SPEA America, our partners in flying probe testing since 2003. We can perform programming and testing at our facility.  We can also support custom...

Test Equipment

Failure Analysis

Datest specializes in bonepile recovery, rehabilitation, and analysis of failed PCBAs. Datest also uses x-ray technology to assist process and quality engineers in root cause detection, failure analysis, and process validation.  This is a quick-turnaround service (1-3 working d...

Test Equipment

3D Digital Tomosynthesis

Nordson Dage XD7600NT500 X-Ray Inspection System with X-Plane Analysis - Datest was one of the first users of the X-Plane algorithm.  We now have 3 years of experience using X-Plane.  It is a very powerful tool for detecting head-in-pillow (HiP) defects, package-on-package...


3D X-Ray Inspection

Agilent 5DX Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI); Nordson Dage XD7600NT500 X-Ray Inspection System with X-Plane Analysis - Datest is the only independent, ITAR registered, AS9100C certified, PCBA-level x-ray inspection service in the Western USA.  The service is designed to provide...


2D X-Ray Inspection

Nordson Dage XD7600NT500 X-Ray Inspection System with X-Plane Analysis - We spent the money on a grown-up x-ray so you don't have to.  We are board people.  That means our technicians inspect PCBA defects daily.  Quickly.  Because you need an answer, now.&nbs...


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