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Innovative Solutions to your Production Conditions by used and refurbished equipment.

Assembly, Repair / Rework, Manufacturer's Rep

Our goal is to provide our customers with production equipment, materials and supplies from leading manufacturers worldwide who are on the cutting edge of research and technology, developing the next generation equipment and materials required to meet user’s needs in a constantly changing, highly competitive, technological environment.

Majority of our clients are located throughout Midwest area. Our Afab division allows to ship world wide with new, refurbished and used equipment along with supportive SMT feeders, nozzles and spare parts.

We also supply SMT Feeders, nozzles and feeder spares thru our partners. Feeder Test Jig has a unique modular based system that can be configured to test a huge range of different manufacturers feeders. All of your requirements can come Electronic Technology Corporation as your one source.

Headquartered in St. Charles, Illinois, just west of Chicago, ETC. is strategically located to serve our clients effectively and efficiently.

We are your SMT technology problem solver.

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ETC Offering New SMT Feeder Calibration System

May 15, 2017 | It has been proven that badly performing feeders are the most common reason for placement machine downtime. Poor calibration of feeders can lead to mis-picks, component waste and even machine damage. That’s why Electronic Technology Corporation (ETC), has developed a solution in the new SMT Feeder Calibration system. It empowers the user to take control of feeder maintenance and increase production yields without having to send those feeders out for costly repairs.

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