Video Microscopes/Magnifiers for Inspection, Training and Communication


Our family of Video Magnifiers is highly versatile and extremely easy-to-use. One, or several people can view inspection samples on a video screen rather than bending over an optical device. Standard with outputs to print, email, save-to-disk and video tape. Only a small number of adjustments are necessary to obtain bright, clear, color images from a wide variety of samples. High-resolution, measurement capability, exceptional depth-of-field and large field-of-view are just a few of the many reasons our magnifiers can dramatically improve inspection and analysis efficiencies. CTI/VTEK products are unique in the industry for power, ease-of-use, and affordability.

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Explorer 2000

High-resolution video magnifier with multiple video-outputs for viewing, downloading image, etc....


Video micrometer software. Perfect companion to our video magnifier line allowing simple manual or complex automated measurement and sample analysis...


Excellent standard-resolution Video Magnifier with video output plus several unique image modes to enhance image....

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