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RMA258-15R Rosin Based Solder Paste

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AIM is a leading global manufacturer of tin-lead and lead-free solder assembly materials for the electronics industry.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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RMA258-15R Rosin Based Solder Paste

RMA258-15R Rosin Based Solder Paste


RMA258-15R Rosin Based Solder Paste


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AIM Solder


RMA258-15R Rosin Based Solder Paste Description:

RMA258-15R is a rosin based solder paste that has been developed to offer long pause-to-print capabilities while enhancing fine print definitions.

RMA258-15R reduces such defects as voiding and eliminates head-in-pillow. The superior wetting ability of RMA258-15R results in bright, smooth and shiny solder joints. RMA258-15R is capable of exceptional reflow during long, hot profiles.  RMA258-15R leaves medium, amber colored post process residues.


  • Long Pause-to-Print Capabilities
  • Enhances Fine Print Definitions
  • No Head-in-Pillow
  • Excellent Wetting, Even with Leadless Devices
  • Exceptional Reflow During Long, Hot Profiles
  • Reduced Voiding


  • Apply sufficient paste to the stencil to allow a smooth, even roll during the print cycle (a bead diameter of 12 to 16 mm (½ to ⅝ inch) is normally sufficient to begin).
  • Apply small amounts of fresh solder paste to the stencil at controlled intervals to maintain paste chemistry and workable properties.
  • RMA258-15R provides the necessary tack time and force for today’s high speed placement equipment, which will enhance product performance and reliability.
  • Cleaning of your stencil will vary by application; however, it can be accomplished using AIM DJAW-10 stencil cleaner.


  • RMA258-15R is a rosin based formula that may be cleaned if necessary with saponified water or an appropriate solvent cleaner.
  • Please refer to the AIM cleaner matrix for a list of compatible cleaning materials.

Handling and Storage:

  • RMA258-15R is best used within 1 year at 4° C-12° C (40° F-55° F) or 6 months at room temperature.
  • Allow the solder paste to warm up completely and naturally to ambient temperature (8 hrs.) prior to breaking the seal for use.
  • Mix the product lightly and thoroughly (1-2 mins. max) to ensure even distribution of any separated material.
  • Do not store new and used paste in the same container, and reseal any opened containers while not in use.
  • Replace the internal plug and cap of the 500 gram jars to ensure the best possible seal.

Physical Properties:




Gray, Smooth, Creamy



Melting Point

217° -218° C

Particle Size

T3 , T4, T5

Metal Loading

89% (T3), 88.5% (T4, T5)


Print/dispense versions available.


Available in all industry standard packaging.

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