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RA (Rosin Activated) Cored Wire

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AIM is a leading global manufacturer of tin-lead and lead-free solder assembly materials for the electronics industry.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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RA (Rosin Activated) Cored Wire

RA (Rosin Activated) Cored Wire


RA (Rosin Activated) Cored Wire


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AIM Solder


RA (Rosin Activated) Cored Wire Description:

Rosin Activated Cored Wire Solder

RA is a fully activated, general-purpose wire solder for use in applications where mildly activated fluxes are too weak. RA cored wire is strong enough for excellent tarnish and oxide removal, and will produce bright shiny solder joints. RA wire will leave slight to moderate post process residues that may be left on noncritical applications, but should be removed from any critical applications. RA cored wire meets Mil-Spec cleanliness requirements post-cleaning. IPC flux classification for this material is ROM1.

RA Cored Wire Features:

  • High Activity Level
  • Fully Activated Flux
  • Improved Wetting Properties
  • Glycol-Free
  • Good Thermal Transfer


  • Solder iron tip temperature should be between 340°C-400°C (650°F-750°F) for Sn63, Sn62 and Sn60 alloys, 370°C-425°C (700°F-800°F) for Sn/Ag and Sn/Ag/Cu alloys and 340°C-370°C (650°F-700°F) for Sn43/Pb43/Bi14.
  • Hold the solder iron at a 45° to 60° angle to the work surface.
  • The solder iron should contact both the component lead and PCB pad surface.
  • Solder and flux should flow onto both the lead and pad or lead and barrel to promote optimum flux activity to the joint being worked.
  • If additional flux is needed, the use of AIM’s RA301 flux is recommended. Operators should use an applicator capable of dispensing precise amounts of flux to eliminate over-saturation and excessive spread.


  • RA is standard with a 3.0% flux core for tin-lead (2.0% flux core for lead-free) alloys.
  • RA is available in Sn/Pb, Sn/Ag/Cu, SN100C® alloys.
  • Standard spool sizes: ½ lb. for .010 and .015 diameters; 1 lb. for .020, .032, .040, .050, and .062 diameters.
  • Packaging of ½ lb. and 1 lb. spools is standard in 12 lb. and 24 lb. cases.
  • Other flux percentages, alloys, diameters and spool sizes may be available upon special request.

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