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High Melting Point Solder Alloys

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AIM is a leading global manufacturer of tin-lead and lead-free solder assembly materials for the electronics industry.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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High Melting Point Solder Alloys

High Melting Point Solder Alloys


High Melting Point Solder Alloys


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AIM Solder


High Melting Point Solder Alloys Description:

Down hole electronics, such as oil and gas exploration, require solder alloys that have the durability to withstand the extreme thermal, geological and mechanical stresses of these applications. AIM understands system reliability is of the utmost importance, and offers a selection of high melting point solder alloys in a variety of forms which are proven to fulfill the requirements necessary for long-term reliability in solder joints.

AIM Solder provides high-quality solder alloys to the electronics industry. AIM Electropure™ Bar Solder Alloys are processed from virgin metals in a proprietary method that removes contaminants and reduces dissolved oxides to a minimum. The result of this is an extremely pure, low drossing solder bar that increases throughput and decreases defects.

AIM's Solder Alloys:

  • SN63/PB37 - Electropure Bar
  • SAC305  - Lead-Free Solder Alloy
  • SN100C - Lead-Free Solder Alloy
  • High Melting Point Solder Alloys
  • Other Alloys

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