THAT Corporation

Manufacturer of specialized analog audio ICs


THAT Corporation is a leading supplier of voltage-controlled amplifiers, level detectors, transistor arrays, balanced line receivers and drivers, microphone preamps, and other analog signal processing ICs.

InGenius line receiver, OutSmart line driver, high-performance microphone preamp, and other products to be released.

Foundry services
THAT Corporation's IC fab offers foundry services for those seeking complementary bipolar, dielectricly isolated processing.

THAT Corporation Postings

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THAT 2181 series

Industry-standard wide dynamice range Voltage Controlled Amplifier for pro and consumer audio products....

THAT 2252

Cost-effective true-rms level detector for audio applications....

THAT 4301

Versatile 'Analog Engine' signal processor contains high-performance VCA, rms-level detector, and two undedicated, general purpose op amps....

THAT 100 series

Matched transistor arrays available in NPN, PNP, and mixed types....

Jade Series Selective Soldering Machines

Facility Closure