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SP210avi 23

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Speedprint Technology is an award-winning company delivering comprehensive printing solutions with a focus on value, flexibility and low cost-of-ownership for the SMT and Semiconductor industries.

Dorset, United Kingdom


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SP210avi 23

SP210avi 23


SP210avi 23



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Speedprint Technology


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While bringing a fresh new look to the SP210avi the printer still retains it's reputation as the smallest printer in the market with the highest level of capability and quality.

Developed as a flexible fine pitch Printer the SP210avi is ideal in any medium - high throughput environment, with all the functions necessary to provide years of un-interrupted high performance.  The capability of the M/C is based upon a platform which utilises the highest specification and quality of componentry, combined with the latest innovations in Axis / Vision alignment.

The system utilises a  'look down, look down' approach to vision alignment. Twin roving cameras mounted on independent X,Y, gantries ensure accurate and repeatable precision alignment, using fiducial marks or PCB/stencil features.

This innovative vision system, developed by Speedprint, facilitates a unique 'paste on stencil' inspection feature. This enables the user to determine that there is adequate paste on the stencil before running the print cycle.

Speedprint's unique  'Selective Auto-Paste Dispense' technology is fully programmable. The advanced intelligence of the twin camera vision system analyses the stencil to see where paste is required and the dispenser deposits it accordingly.

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