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SP710avi High-Flexibility SMT Screen Printer with Advanced Dispense Unit

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Speedprint Technology is an award-winning company delivering comprehensive printing solutions with a focus on value, flexibility and low cost-of-ownership for the SMT and Semiconductor industries.

Dorset, United Kingdom


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SP710avi High-Flexibility SMT Screen Printer with Advanced Dispense Unit

SP710avi High-Flexibility SMT Screen Printer with Advanced Dispense Unit


SP710avi High-Flexibility SMT Screen Printer with Advanced Dispense Unit



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Speedprint Technology


SP710avi High-Flexibility SMT Screen Printer with Advanced Dispense Unit Description:

Exceptional repeatability and print accuracy

  • FLEXIBILITY - SP700AVi platforms address the critical demands of fast set up and product changeover through flexible automation strategies that streamline assembly throughput.
  • AUTOMATION - Features include closed-loop print head control, bi-directional board clamping and laser-guided tooling to ensure fast, efficient and accurate tooling support set up.
  • ASSURANCE - Speedprint platforms are refined, robust, design-optimised products built to last. Be assured that SP700AVi Series printers will perform identically in a decade as they do when new.

ADu - Advanced Dispense unit

ADu allows for the full removal of the modules complete with material syringes, allowing cleaning for and storage in climate controlled cabinets if required.

The ADu defines flexibility from its ease of programming through to calibration and cleaning. Utilizing the PCB Gerber file, an operator can simply drag any region of interest to automatically program volume deposits of paste or glue. There is no need to spend time on each deposit site adjusting to optimize the volume, point and drag. ADu also provides the ability to have Heated Dispense modules to ensure consistent process control of the dispensing medium.

ADu will automatically calibrate the nozzle tip length, eliminating any operator errors. Additionally, the unit can automatically map the height of the substrate, meaning that any substrate warpage is identified and appropriate adjustments are applied to ensure an optimized deposit. With 1 micron solid state linear encoders, SP710avi’s accuracy is second to none. The ADu can be fitted with any combination of paste and glue modules, each one utilizing precision steel augers to provide maximum control and lifespan.

  • Single or Dual Module
  • Fully Programmable using Gerber data
  • Auto needle calibration and substrate mapping
  • Ability to have Heated Dispense Modules
  • Utilises precision steel Augers

Other Features:

SmartCal - cost free immediate Process Calibration

With the ongoing miniaturization of substrates and components continuously reducing the process window, SmartCal provides the user with immediate and cost free Calibration. SmartCal allows the user to maintain the maximum process window and maintain optimum performance for the life of the machine. Speedprint also uses the unique capability of checking for solder paste presence on the stencil before printing. The vision system aligns the PCB with the stencil using fiducial marks and/or PCB/Stencil features.

SMart-Cal, Speedprint’s unique product-based machine calibration that maintains the largest process window to manage today’s most sophisticated application challenges. Just one of the SP710 stencil printer significant list of standard machine features and benefits.

Velocity + Speed Enhancement

The addition of the Velocity + speed enhancement will deliver best in class speed with a 6 second core cycle time. 

Through a newly optimized control system and latest generation motor technology Speedprint provides exceptional throughput capabilities for the most demanding high volume applications while maintaining the outstanding accuracy and quick change flexibility inherent with the SP700 and SP710. 

This enhancement is backward compatible to existing SP700 and SP710 systems. 

Modular Snugger Rails

The Modular Rail system is an optional feature of the SP700 & SP710 Platform that extends machine flexibility to it's maximum.

Modular Conveyors allow you to completely change the form of Substrate handling / clamping system in under 1 minute, typically switching between 'Over the top clamping' and 'side snugging' modules.

The system also provides for further flexibility and allows a Customer to add any 'in house' tooling into the Conveyor system, there by eliminating the need for expensive 'Bespoke Factory Upgrades'.

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