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General Magnaplate Corporation has been a pioneer in the science of surface enhancement for metals and other substrates for over 40 years. Whether in the harsh environments of outer space or on factory floors across the globe, Magnaplate-applied "synergistic" coatings transform low-performance, plentiful and inexpensive metal parts into corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, super-hard, dry lubricated products that last longs, are more cost efficient, and perform faster.

MAGNAPLATE HMF(TM) For a super-smooth finish on most metals. MAGNADIZE� For magnesium. LECTROFLUOR� For superior corrosion resistance on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. CANADIZE� For titanium. MAGNAGOLD� Enhanced PVD titanium nitride coating for high strength alloys. PLASMADIZE� For superior restoration of worn surfaces. GOLDENEDGE(TM) For an ultra-thin and super-hard, wear-resistant coating for cutting tools. MAGNAGLOW(TM) For increased visibility, color coding, and corrosion resistance.

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TUFRAM(R) for Aluminum

TUFRAM not only improves the performance and durability of aluminum components but often allows easily machined aluminum to replace steel or stainless in many applications....

MAGNAPLATE HCR(R) for corrosion and abrasion resistance on aluminum

A hi-tech "synergistic" coating system that increases atmospheric corrosion protection beyond all known methods of aluminum treatment while also providing excellent wear protection....

NEDOX(R) for most metals

Nedox coatings are created by the controlled infusion of various polymers within a proprietary nickel alloy plating. Subsequent controlled treatment cycles assure thorough infusion of the surface with polymer material and concurrently increase the ha...

HI-T-LUBE� For extreme high and low temperatures and for very high compressive loads.

A multi-layer, metallic dry-film lubricant coating. Deposited sequentially, then through a proprietary diffusion process,it produces an extremely dense, malleable lubricating surface capable of surviving in a broad temperature range and under high lo...

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