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Full service procurement supporting the contract manufacturing and OEM purchasing organizations


Any-Part.Com is a limitless supplier of all materials, assemblies, and services utilized in the manufacturing of products. We have established this organization to support the growing need for a full service supplier providing our customers with a path to supplier reduction, supplier consolidation and total cost reduction. Our customers place orders with us and we execute their requirements with the supply chain. Our customers enjoy the cost savings asssociated with combined volume procurement, the economies of scale associated with supplier consolidation and the overall ease of doing business.

We have just updateded features on our web site. These updates include Order placement directly from the site, RFQ form, 4 new procurement packages and an excess inventory for sale page for our customers to list their unwanted inventory.

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Any part

We take away the broker blues...

All parts

You only deal with ONE supplier...

Electronic, Electromechanical, Mechanical

Access to approximately 85% of the worlds inventory...

Any custom designed fabrications to complete products

Full capabilities for all custom jobs...

Precision Auger Dispense Pump