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Consulting firm established to promote career opportunities in the electronic manufacturing industry. We specialize in the printed circuit board assembly industry servicing the computer, telecommunication, medical, instrumentation and process controls equipment. Our customers use the state of the art equipment such as fuji, panasonic, universal pick & place equip., chip shooters, reflow

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We specialize in search and recruitment of professionals with extensive experience in SMT, PTH and advanced assembly processes in low to high volume, medium to high mix environments. Typical industries include Computers, Telecommunications, Medical, Industrial Instrumentation, Military and Consumer Electronics. Our search assignments focus on executive, management and technical positions in: supply chain management; manufacturing, process and equipment engineering; and support functions including final test and program management. Our mission is to provide professional, discrete and time-sensitive search and recruitment services to clients and candidates who strive to maintain a reputation as leaders and top competitors in their industry. We are committed to familiarizing ourselves with our clients to the extent that we can operate as a virtual extension of the employer by understanding their specific staffing needs and the impact to them of satisfying those needs. We will commit to those client relationships where we can realistically meet the needs and add value to our clients who rely on us for our expertise in the "PCB" printed circuit board assembly industry. We understand "SMT" surface mount technology and have a strong technical understanding of the equipment and processes associated with the electronic component assembly.

What can you expect from Millennium HR?
Our primary goals are to dramatically reduce our clients' time-to-fill and the costs associated with advertising, interviewing and lost production opportunities due to job vacancies and critical skills shortages. Because we are in the recruiting business 365 days a year, we receive a tremendous amount of referrals and have refined our selection and qualifying process so that we attract and work with only top-level candidates. We are committed to referring candidates that meet our clients' specifications and are geniunely interested in pursuing our clients' opportunities. Often the best candidates are currently working for one of your competitors and are well recognized for their efforts. They like their jobs and they're good at what they do. While these employees may be interested in furthering their careers they will not make a change with out first hand information on your opportunity and company standing. Naturally, they are concerned about the impact they will have on your need and how making this change will maximize their career objectives. In this regard we serve as the eyes and ears of candidates, keeping them appraised of developments in their respective labor markets. We become your strongest advocate and spokesperson because we will commit the time and resources necessary to learn about what you, your company and the job have to offer the right employee. We're with you throughout the interview and hiring process so that you can always have access to our expertise should you need help at any point of the hiring process. Following the hire, we stay in touch with both you and the new employee to assure that the match is a perfect one.

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