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Manufacturers Representative Electronics Manufacturing Process Equipment, ARKLATXOK+Maquilas

Manufacturer's Representative

4 Offices in Austin, DAllas, El Paso, and RGV. Selling Resistance Spot Welding, Surface Mount Lines and Material Handling, Motorola Manufacturing Systems, Lasers for Welding Wirestripping Marking and Soldering, Induction Selective Soldering, Nuclear Static Bars,

Induction Soldering Systems,Nuclear Static Control Bars, Color Spectroanalysis, Conveyors, Chipshooters, AOI for PCB post solder process, Selective Soldering, Hot Bar Reflo systems, Automatic Laser and Resistance Welding Systems Turnkey,

General Manager
Scanlon, Hughes and Associates has 4 offices serving TX,ARK,OK,LA, and Northern Mexico.Providing Superior Representation and Process Development

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Lasers and Softbeam

Soldering, Welding, Marking, Wirestripping...

Surface Mount

Chipshooters, Pick and Place, Screen Printers...

Welders and Hot Bar Reflo

Spot Welding and Pulse Reflo Systems...

AOI Optical Inspection

Automatic PCB Inspection AOI...

IPC Certification Training Schedule IPC Questions and answers

Voidless Reflow Soldering