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ProWorks - Electronic Work Instruction Software

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Global provider of Legacy PCB Re-Engineering Systems & Process Control Tools since 1990.

Conifer, Colorado, USA

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer, Other

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ProWorks - Electronic Work Instruction Software

ProWorks - Electronic Work Instruction Software


ProWorks - Electronic Work Instruction Software



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ScanCAD International, Inc.


ProWorks - Electronic Work Instruction Software Description:


Isnt'it time that current manufacturing processes were reinvented?  

ProWorks, simply put, is a revolution in manufacturing.

The current manufacturing process - or paper paradigm - is bogged down by rigid, outdated modes that prove to be ineffective and stagnant.  Procedures are unable to react to changing circumstances.

ProWorks is an entirely new paradigm with entirely new assumptions based on the best computing and networking capabilities in the 21st century.  ProWorks is leading a revolution in the manufacturing industry.  Processes are dynamic and changing, reflecting the fast-paced world in which we reside.  Leveraging new technology, procedures are interactive and engaging.  We are only as effective as our manufacturing processes.  

Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) has moved into tomorrow.

                                                                        Are you going to be left behind?

ProWorks provides the user with full documentation for each step needed to be performed. It has intelligent troubleshooting and corrective actions and recognizes when employees start to struggle on steps that are not getting passed immediately. At this point ProWorks will offer suggestions to the individual to help them solve the problem by themselves.

ProWorks is a fully interactive tool that immerses the user in the assembly process. This is NOT a series of static PDF files that sit on your server. ProWorks gives you the ability to take a temporary employee off the street and have them assembling your product right away with little or no training and without impacting your experts or quality.

Fully Scalable

ProWorks Enterprise can grow with your business, allowing an unlimited number of users based on your needs.


Generate reports using our built-in Crystal Reporting engine or use your own third party reporting tools.

Microsoft SQL Server Backend

Built on proven Microsoft technologies providing the highest levels of reliability for your business-critical applications while ensuring access to easy and cost-effective support and maintenance.

Multi-site Configuration

Share best practices or span production across jobsites, divisions and locations. Utilize low cost regions for manufacturing while maintaining tight controls over the production build process.

Multi-language Support

Develop and deploy work instructions in native languages for different production locales.

Link to Other Business Systems

Pull existing data from ERP, MRP and PLM systems to avoid data duplication, ensuring data accuracy and reducing cost of maintenance.

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