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ScanINSPECT SPI - Solder Paste Inspection Station

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Global provider of Legacy PCB Re-Engineering Systems & Process Control Tools since 1990.

Conifer, Colorado, USA

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ScanINSPECT SPI - Solder Paste Inspection Station

ScanINSPECT SPI - Solder Paste Inspection Station


ScanINSPECT SPI - Solder Paste Inspection Station



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ScanCAD International, Inc.


ScanINSPECT SPI - Solder Paste Inspection Station Description:

ScanINSPECT SPI provides a simple and user-friendly alternative to inaccurate and time-consuming manual inspection methods or expensive, high-end AOI systems.

ScanINSPECT SPI uses a simple Windows user interface integrated with an automatic conveyor and image-processing unit. This combination allows 100% inspection of printed solder paste.

How Does ScanINSPECT SPI Work?

ScanINSPECT SPI provides 100% 2D non-contact verification of bridging, paste on pads, and the total area of solder paste before adding further value to the PCB.

Each PCB exits the printing machine and enters ScanINSPECT SPI for 100% inspection. The part is then accepted and continues on with the process or rejected for disposition. No more surprises!

Fast & Simple Programming

ScanINSPECT SPI is quickly programmed from a golden part in a few minutes.

Increase Yield & Improve Overall Equipment Efficiency

ScanINSPECT SPI's powerful inspection process increases product yield by ensuring accurate solder paste printing, thus, assisting with high yields and minimal rework and/or scrap.

Missing or defective solder paste can result in lost production time and extensive rework. SPI eliminates operator fatigue and tedium from the inspection task, and automatically verifies 100% of the paste.

Missing, paste off pad, bridging, and over/under print area solder paste defects are now automatically detected. Problems are found and eliminated before value is added to defective parts.


ScanINSPECT SPI set up is fast and easy. In production, each board is shuttled in the system, automatically aligned and checked for defects with a PASS or FAIL inspection in seconds.

Failures are detected, logged and printed for easy analysis or rework.


  • Mandatory - 100% automatic 2-D inspections of ball placement, pre and/or post reflow.
  • Security - Confirm ball absence/presence, position, size and surface quality.
  • Necessity - Full inspection traceability of every ball down to the device serial & lot number level.
  • Flexibility - Detect errors before reflow permitting easy rework.

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