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Precision Material Removal System (PMRS)

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Precision Material Removal System (PMRS)

Precision Material Removal System (PMRS)


Precision Material Removal System (PMRS)


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ScanCAD International, Inc.


Precision Material Removal System (PMRS) Description:


The Precision Material Removal System (PMRS) is a multi-faceted system designed to be effectively used in three different applications:  1/ Conformal coating removal     2/   PCB Delamination     3/ Small Parts Deburring

1/ Conformal Coating:  This integrated system is designed to effectively and quickly remove conformal coatings that were applied to electronic devices protecting them from various forms of contamination.  Conformal coatings must be removed in order to permit repair, rework and test or Reverse Engineering PCB boards.  Material types that can be removed:  Acrylic, Epoxy, Silicone, Parylene, Polyurethane, UV Epoxy, UV Silicon, etc.

2/ PCB Delamination: The PMRS is a package of processes & equipment designed to effectively and quickly delaminate multilayer PCBs and also remove conformal coatings during the Reverse Engineering Process and in preparation for imaging on the ScanFAB™ system.  Many kinds of substrate material such as FR4, Polyamide, Rogers and Thurmont and others can be easily and quickly removed. 

3/ Small Parts Deburring: The PRMS is a package of processes & equipment designed to effectively and quickly deburr small and/or intricate parts.  Material parts that can be deburred safely:   Nitikol, Titanium, Brass, Stainless Steel, Koval, Delrin, Nylon, Aluminum, Torlon, PEEK, Vespel, Tungston Carbide, etc.

In any of the applications above, the most effective and safest methods to remove conformal coatings or to delaminate PCBs or to clean delicate parts is using micro-abrasive blasting or ‘MicroBlasting’.  With micro-abrasive blasting, the task of removing these coatings and/or cleaning is fast, safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.  It supports the selective removal of coatings while maintaining careful control over the process to eliminate damage to delicate components. 

Military, consumer and industrial applications alike often involve devices that are sensitive to and can be damaged by exposure to Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).  The Patented modulator feed system along with additional accessories help to reduce the build-up of ESD and to protect those fragile parts.  Therefore, the PMRS comes in two different models:  1/ Standard and 2/ ESD Control. 

Using the PMRS for conformal coating removal application does not require highly trained personnel when using ScanCAD’s step by step procedures and training videos.

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