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S3016 - Bottom-Up AOI

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A leading provider of industrial image processing (AOI and AXI) Automated Optical and X-ray inspection equipment.

Hanover, Germany


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S3016 - Bottom-Up AOI

S3016 - Bottom-Up AOI


S3016 - Bottom-Up AOI



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Viscom AG


S3016 - Bottom-Up AOI Description:

Solder joint inspection of bottom-side PCBs

Intelligent Inspection of Solder Joints, THT and SMD Components

Today, the industry standard quality assurance in electronics production is automatic optical inspection (AOI) of SMD components on printed circuit boards. PCBs are also assembled with components with leads such as connectors, capacitors, circuit breakers or non-standard components, and selectively soldered; very often, PCBs are assembled on both sides. With the inspection system S3016, these components can be optically inspected completely from below - without the time-consuming need to flip the assembly. Production defects - insufficient solder, missing leads, solder bridges and others - are detected reliably and cost-effectively.

Viscom S3016 Highlights:

  • Inspection from below saves costs for expensive flip stations by eliminating the need to turn over the assembly
  • Robust inspection strategies using the Viscom standard library for solder joint inspection
  • Inspection in PCB carrier is possible
  • Compatible with Viscom inspection systems for the electronics industry
  • Minimal conversion effort between inspection modes
  • Customized models for special applications available
  • Quick program creation with EasyPro

S3016, the system for flexible and robust inspection of printed circuit boards with bottom side components, especially after wave or selective soldering

The S3016 now makes it possible to inspect selective solder joints, THT and SMD components on PCBs populated on both sides. This robust, cost-effective inspection concept reliably detects open solder joints, solder bridges, missing leads or other defects, from the bottom side. Significant cost savings result, because expensive flip stations to rotate the board are eliminated. Depending on inspection and production concept, only the THT devices can be inspected from below, or complete reflow-soldered PCBs can be inspected with the addition of angle view cameras.

The S3016 utilizes high-performance 8M camera technology to guarantee the maximum inspection depth and high inspection speed, at extremely fast line rates. An X/Y positioning unit guides the camera module beneath the PCB and uploads the required images from specified locations, switching illumination flexibly to suit the individual inspection task. Images are evaluated while the camera moves to its next position, to further reduce cycle time.

Image evaluations are based on proven Viscom inspection algorithms for solder joint inspection, and the user interface EasyPro brings convenient, robust solder joint quality control. Of course this system can be seamlessly combined with the optional Viscom verification station HARAN, and statistical process control (SPC). For special applications above and beyond selective solder joint inspection of THT components, or for special mechanical environments, Viscom manufactures made-to-measure customized solutions.

Worldwide service at the highest level

Experienced Viscom employees in Hanover and the international branch offices, as well as many international agents, support our customers worldwide. In Service alone, since 2009 a great number of flexible and highly trained employees were consolidated into a separate division. The offering includes routine servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration service and modernization, among others. Visit our website to find international subsidiaries and representatives in Europe, USA and Asia.

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