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MX100IR - Desktop Wafer AOI

MX100IR - Desktop Wafer AOI

MX100IR - Desktop Wafer AOI


MX100IR - Desktop Wafer AOI



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Viscom AG

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Viscom AG

A leading provider of industrial image processing (AOI and AXI) Automated Optical and X-ray inspection equipment.

Hanover, Germany


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MX100IR - Desktop Wafer AOI Description:

Automatic, High Accuracy Desktop Wafer Inspection

For semiconductor assemblies, the requirement for a precise, thorough inspection for damage and defects during the production process is especially high. Wafers need non-destructive inspection of surface purity and evenness. Inspection for defects beneath the surface is also especially important, as is measurement of dies and sealing adhesive on MEM components (e. g. sensors). The Viscom MX100IR takes on these tasks. One especially important application area is the 100 % inspection of safety-critical components.

Viscom MX100IR Highlights:

  • Infrared illumination – both transmitted and reflected light
  • Infrared light sources have a very long life span, are scalable, have high performance capabilities and guarantee exceptionally high resolution
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) on and in the wafer
  • Manual loading and unloading make the system ideal for smaller lot sizes
  • Offline programming station available in many languages
  • Complete statistical process analysis

The desktop system MX100IR is the ideal solution for the inspection of bare wafers, chips, MEMS, wafer bonds, SOI and FlipChips, as well as applications in the photovoltaic area. Wafers inspected can be composed of various materials: silicon, gallium arsenide, III-V materials and others. In just minutes the MX100IR can, utilizing transmitted and reflected IR light, provide structural analysis and foreign body data for MEMS devices.

The heart of the Si-Thru technology are its infrared light sources (Semiconductor Light Matrix: SLM). These light sources emit light at a specific wavelength (around 1 μm), a highly efficient infrared light in a narrow spectrum that is superbly adapted to semiconductor inspection applications. The light sources have a long service life, are scalable, have very high performance and guarantee a high resolution. They facilitate a unique detection of embedded defects. The IR camera head is precisely positioned for image capture by an X/Y/Z unit.

The MX100IR system is especially tailored for manual loading and inspection of smaller lot sizes.

The graphical user interface makes program generation and maintenance quick and easy. Many different languages can be chosen on the off-line programming station. Evaluation is based on specialized inspection algorithms to localize defects including voids, bond widths, delaminations and others. Statistical analysis process control is also provided.

Worldwide service at the highest level

Experienced Viscom employees in Hanover and the international branch offices, as well as many international agents, support our customers worldwide. In Service alone, since 2009 a great number of flexible and highly trained employees were consolidated into a separate division. The offering includes routine servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration service and modernization, among others. Visit our website to find international subsidiaries and representatives in Europe, USA and Asia.

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