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S6056 - Extremely fast and precise - High-end AOI and High-end 3D AOI

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A leading provider of industrial image processing (AOI and AXI) Automated Optical and X-ray inspection equipment.

Hanover, Germany


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S6056 - Extremely fast and precise - High-end AOI and High-end 3D AOI

S6056 - Extremely fast and precise - High-end AOI and High-end 3D AOI


S6056 - Extremely fast and precise - High-end AOI and High-end 3D AOI



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Viscom AG


S6056 - Extremely fast and precise - High-end AOI and High-end 3D AOI Description:

The long-term inspection solution for wave, reflow, pre-reflow and selective soldering.

In the manufacturing of electronic assemblies, optimization of the production processes is a major factor in the success of producing to the high demands of quality and delivery. It is here that the flexibility and performance of an automatic optical inspection (AOI) plays a crucial role. Simplicity of programming for quick product change-over, maximum inspection depth, camera technology capable of dealing with unique components, and high throughput rates that keeps pace with demanding cycle times.

S6056 Features:

  • Extremely fast AOI camera system
  • Scalable, modular camera technology with 3D measuring function
  • Maximum inspection depth: 03015 components
  • Best resolution at angled views
  • Height measurement of components
  • Single- or double-track operation
  • Also supports larger printed circuit boards
  • Fast program generation with vVision/EasyPro

With the XM technology, Viscom has taken another major step in the development of camera technology. With an image capture rate of up to 2 gigabits/sec, the new XM module is one of the fastest AOI camera systems on the market. The XM module is a completely proprietary development from Viscom and combines 30 years of experience in inspection technology.

The scalable modular camera technology and the four-color illumination from all spatial directions provide optimum contrast values for many types of defects during feature value extraction. As a result, the S6056 XM inspection system is best equipped for special inspection tasks such as character recognition, polarity marks or colored components. To reliably inspect even the smallest components, the On- DemandHR function can be used to switch the optical resolution from 16 to 8 μm (turning it into a high-resolution version).

Additionally, the XM module includes Viscom’s standard angled view inspection. Thus, critical defects such as lifted leads in the fine-pitch area are reliably detected. Many features such as extended use of the angled view, acquisition of additional images for the verification station and increased illumination are nearly cycle time-neutral. This increases both inspection depth and first pass yield.

The optional fringe projector in 3D mode allows up to nine image views to be evaluated from various angles, performing 3D analyses in the entire field of view. This provides a more precise evaluation, particularly for features such as lifted lead inspection, chip inspection and IC coplanarity inspection.

The new camera technology currently is available for the S6056 XM. Viscom customers benefit from the 8M compatibility mode because existing inspection patterns and libraries from the 8M camera technology are included with no changes while benefitting from increased speed.


Solder joint, assembly, solder paste

Transport system

S6056 XM ST1W: Single track
S6056 XM DS1W: Dual track

Inspection concept

S6056 XM ST1W: Single inspection
S6056 XM DS1W: Single inspection

Camera technology

Orthogonal camera module XM:
Field of view: 40 x 40 mm
Resolution: 16 μm (standard), 8 μm (high)
switchable with OnDemandHR
Number of mega pixel cameras: 1

Angled view camera module XM:
Resolution: 16 µm (standard)
Number of mega pixel cameras: 4/8 (optional)

XM 3D camera technology:
Range: 20 mm (0.78")
z Resolution: 2 µm

8M camera technology (optional)


User interface: Viscom vVision/EasyPro
Verification station: Viscom vVerify/S6002 HARAN
SPC: Viscom SPC (statistical process control),
open interface (optional)
Remote diagnosis: Viscom SRC (optional)
Off-line programming: Viscom PST34
(external Programming Station) (optional)

System computer

Operating system: Windows®
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7

PCB handling

PCB dimensions (L x W): 457 x 356 mm (17.9" x 14.0")
PCB carrier: 1 - 5 mm
Transport height: 850 to 960 mm ± 20 mm (33.5" to 37.8" ± 0.8")
Width adjustment: Automatically
Handling unit: Linear motors
PCB clamping: Pneumatic
PCB contact area: 3 mm (0.1")
Upper transport clearance: 50 mm (1.9")
Lower transport clearance: 40 mm (1.6") (other hights upon request)

Inspection speed

40 - 60 cm²/s, no handling time

Other system data

Interfaces: SMEMA, SV70, customer specific
Power requirements: 300~400 V, 50/60 Hz,
< 3 kW, 6 bar compressed air
Line gap requirements: System width approx. +30 mm (1.2")
System dimensions: 1528 x 1692 x 1650 mm (60.2" x 66.7" x 65.0")
Weight (max.): Approx. 1700 kg (3747 lbs)

Worldwide service at the highest level

Experienced Viscom employees in Hanover and the international branch offices, as well as many international agents, support our customers worldwide. In Service alone, since 2009 a great number of flexible and highly trained employees were consolidated into a separate division. The offering includes routine servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration service and modernization, among others. Visit our website to find international subsidiaries and representatives in Europe, USA and Asia.

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