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X7056-II – 3D AXI/3D AOI

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A leading provider of industrial image processing (AOI and AXI) Automated Optical and X-ray inspection equipment.

Hanover, Germany


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X7056-II – 3D AXI/3D AOI

X7056-II – 3D AXI/3D AOI


X7056-II – 3D AXI/3D AOI



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Viscom AG


X7056-II – 3D AXI/3D AOI Description:

In-line X-ray and optical inspection for high-end electronics production.


The in-line X-ray system X7056-II is primarily distinguished by high throughput and first-class 3D image quality. Its hardware components include high-performance flat panel detectors (FPD) available in different sizes. Different FPD configurations, e.g., with xy-table, can be selected for versatile 3D image acquisition positions. The resolution range is from 6 to 30 µm/pixel. The revolutionary xFastFlow handling concept cuts time for automatic printed circuit board changes down to under 4 seconds. Inspection depth and throughput can be optimally adapted to meet individual requirements. It is also possible to combine 2D and 3D inspections on one PCB.

3D reconstruction with the X7056-II is based on planar CT. For complex overlapping, as is virtually the rule with printed circuit boards assembled on both sides, leveraging the superb three-dimensional inspection possibilities offered by the system makes all significant features sharply visible in clear slice images to enable precise evaluations – even for shadowing by components or on multi-layer boards. This means false calls are effectively prevented while inspection program creation is simplified.

The X7056-II reliably detects defects such as air inclusions (voids), bridge, HiP (head in pillow) and others. The Viscom user interfaces vVision and EasyPro can be selected for system operation. Viscom Quality Uplink enables very effective networking and process optimization. Statistical process control is ideally realized with Viscom SPC.

The X7056-II can be upgraded to a combined solution with additional 3D AOI. With this approach, a single system can be deployed for different inspection tasks, covering practically all typical defect types. In addition to more open production area comes the advantage of uniform operation. The proportion of 3D AXI to 3D AOI can be individually determined depending on requirements. The same technical high-end options already successfully used around the world in pure 3D AOI systems from Viscom, such as the S3088 ultra, are available for equipping the X7056-II with an optical component.

3D X-ray inspection – Extremely fast and flexible

  • Revolutionary handling concept xFastFlow for printed circuit boards change in as little as 4 seconds
  • Ultra thorough inspection of single or double-sided electronic assemblies
  • System can be used as a 3D AXI system or 3D AXI/3D AOI combination
  • Three different flat panel detector sizes for scalable throughput
  • Versatile and adaptable inspection depth
  • Additional vertical slices for optimum analyses and dependable verification
  • Viscom Quality Uplink: Effective networking and process optimization
  • Comprehensive IPC-compliant AXI inspection library
  • High-quality 3D AXI volume calculation with planar CT
  • Highest in-line AXI resolution for the best defect coverage and detection

Worldwide service at the highest level

Experienced Viscom employees in Hanover and the international branch offices, as well as many international agents, support our customers worldwide. In Service alone, since 2009 a great number of flexible and highly trained employees were consolidated into a separate division. The offering includes routine servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration service and modernization, among others. Visit our website to find international subsidiaries and representatives in Europe, USA and Asia.

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