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S3088 ultra blue - 3D AOI - Price-performance champion

S3088 ultra blue - 3D AOI - Price-performance champion

S3088 ultra blue - 3D AOI - Price-performance champion


S3088 ultra blue - 3D AOI - Price-performance champion



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Viscom AG

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Viscom AG

A leading provider of industrial image processing (AOI and AXI) Automated Optical and X-ray inspection equipment.

Hanover, Germany


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S3088 ultra blue - 3D AOI - Price-performance champion Description:

Powerful 3D AOI solution for accurate inspection results.

The S3088 ultra blue addresses the growing demand for reliable and easy-to-use 3D AOI technology at an economical price. Viscom’s powerful approach is a combination of high quality, cost-effective machine design and standardized features. One orthogonal and four angled view cameras provide full 3D defect detection coverage for components and solder joints on PCBs. With the tried and true XM camera module the system delivers clear and accurate 3D color images and reliable analyses according to IPC standards. The orthogonal optical resolution is switchable between 16 and 8 µm/pixel and is therefore ready-made to inspect 03015 components.

The intuitive vVision interface makes programming and optimization very easy. Even beginners achieve good results after a minimal amount of training. All inspection programs can be transferred between Viscom systems. By linking the AOI results with Viscom SPI, AXI, and MXI, a huge improvement in process control can be achieved. For many manufacturers, especially producers of consumer electronics, the S3088 ultra blue is the perfect solution to ensure IPC standards are met. More advanced and special software or hardware configurations are available with Viscom’s S3088 ultra, including the top-level model S3088 ultra gold. 

VISCOM S3088 ultra blue Features:

  • Extremely fast AOI camera system
  • Optimal camera technology for 2/2.5/3D requirements
  • Greatest inspection depth: reliable inspection of 03015 und fine-pitch components
  • Best resolution at angled views
  • Height measurement of components
  • Revolutionary simplicity in AOI operation with vVision
  • Fast program generation with vVision/EasyPro
  • Reading DataMatrix code, bottom up

Worldwide service at the highest level

Experienced Viscom employees in Hanover and the international branch offices, as well as many international agents, support our customers worldwide. In Service alone, since 2009 a great number of flexible and highly trained employees were consolidated into a separate division. The offering includes routine servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration service and modernization, among others. Visit our website to find international subsidiaries and representatives in Europe, USA and Asia.

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