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Summit LXi SMD Rework Station

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VJE provides AI technology applications enabling x-ray component counting: highest ROI, speed and accuracy. As electronics manufacturing equipment supplier we provide X-ray counters, rework and x-ray inspection. (978) 486-4777

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Summit LXi SMD Rework Station

Summit LXi SMD Rework Station


Summit LXi SMD Rework Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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VJ Electronix


Summit LXi SMD Rework Station Description:

Optimized Rework Process for Large PCB.

Unlike other large board systems that are adapted versions of standard systems, the Summit LXi platform is the only rework system designed from the ground up to rework large boards. The LXi’s new enhanced control system eliminates the affects of facility variations and supports more precise calibration, allowing process parameters to be readily shared between systems in multiple locations.

System Features:

  • Maximum Board Size: 24” x 36” (610mm x 915mm)
  • Minimum Component Size: 0.001" (25m)
  • Placement: 0.0005" (12μ) mean + 3σ
  • Compliance: CE
  • Top Heater: 1.6 kW
  • Site Heater: 8.0 kW, 24" X 36" (610 mm X 914 mm) Heated Area
  • Field-of-View: 80 mm

Despite the miniaturization achieved with Surface Mount Technology, increased signal speeds and funtionality require more and more circuitry to be assembled in close proximity. The net result is that many components and PCBs have grown larger and heavier. To satisfy the Rework requirements of these assemblies, VJ Electronix offers the Summit LXi Large Board Automated Rework System.

The Summit LXi is furnished with an X–Y table and Board Holder that can accommodate a PCB up to 24" x 36" (610mm x 915mm) and a 8kW Convection Plenum Bottom Heater for maximum heat transfer. Increased Top Side and Bottom Side Clearances, 2.75" (70mm) and 2.0" (51mm) respectively, and an optical system with an 80mm square Field of View allow very large components to be handled with ease.

All of the well established unique features such as Advanced Auto Profile, Programmable Pick and Place Force with Component Height Sensing, Independent Top Heater and Pick-up Tube, Proprietary Split Imaging together with Precision Placement capability, Optical/Digital Zoom, and Automated Data/Event Logging are included.

A variety of optional features such as a High Power (2.4 kW) Top Heater, a Local (Spot) Bottom Heater, Automatic Solder Scavenging, and a extra high power 10 kW Bottom Heater are available to handle the most challenging applications.

Unequalled Large Board handling capability together with industry acknowledged standard features make the Summit LXi the system of choice for the Rework Area Array Components - BGA, μBGA, CSP, PoP and SMDs on boards up to 24" x 36".

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