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Summit 750 - SMT Rework Station

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VJE provides AI technology applications enabling x-ray component counting: highest ROI, speed and accuracy. As electronics manufacturing equipment supplier we provide X-ray counters, rework and x-ray inspection. (978) 486-4777

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Summit 750 - SMT Rework Station

Summit 750 - SMT Rework Station


Summit 750 - SMT Rework Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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VJ Electronix


Summit 750 - SMT Rework Station Description:

The Summit 750 is a Rework system specifically designed to satisfy the needs of users who demand high performance and advanced process control at an affordable price.

Incorporating features normally only found on much higher priced equipment, the Summit 750 utilizes the proprietary SierraMate™ Windows® software with its Auto Profile and user friendly “1-2-3-Go” graphical user interface. This insures maximum control over all thermal, optical and mechanical functions of the system.

A performance computer with a LCD monitor combine with Automatic Sequencing to make the Summit 750 a truly “easy to use” Rework System.

Key Features:

  • Max. Board Size 18"X22" (455mm X 560mm)
  • Min. Component Size 0.100" (2.5mm)
  • Placement 0.002" (50μ) mean + 3σ
  • Compliance CE mark
  • Top Heater 1.6kW Focused Convection
  • Bottom Heater 4.0kW Convection Plenum
  • Field-of-View 2.0" (50mm) Square

The Summit 750 is a true production system built on the renowned rugged Summit platform and ready to be installed on the factory floor. It has many invaluable features providing unique capabilities. The Summit 750 Rework system has complete rework capabilities for a wide variety of components including Ball Grid Array (BGA).

The design of the Summit 750 is based on the well established Summit systems that have been the Electronics Assembly industry’s preferred Surface Mount Rework tools for many years.

The highly efficient Top and Bottom Convection heaters and proprietary Split Imaging augment the SierraMate™ software and provide the ultimate in automatic removal and replacement of defective area array components. Programmable Pick and Place, Automatic Height Sensing and Auto Profiling make the standard Summit 750 the unmatchable low price choice.

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